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Our History Guangdong Real Metal Co., Ltd.,Website:, the high-tech enterprises, the state designated aerospace and military units welding materials suppliers. Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, is the country's only state-level high-tech zones to enter the large-scale electronic tin solder manufacturer, registered capital of 22 million yuan, for the aerospace, military, civilian offer high quality welding materials. Our Factory The company's existing staff of about 150 people, including college education accounted for 32.7%, 13.3% R & D personnel, senior engineer 5, 8 professional engineers, Assistant Engineer 7, long-term and Tsinghua University, Guangdong University of Technology, South China University University, Central South University, and other units to carry out academic exchanges. And the Guangzhou Institute of Nonferrous Metals, China - Ukraine Barton Welding Institute cooperative research and development, set up a 20 to lead Ph.D., graduate students and academic staff consisting of about R & D elite team, and the establishment of doctoral and master workstation and welding materials R & D Engineering Center. Application since 2006 dozens of patents, more than 10 patents for inventions, two patents license, the company's products with independent intellectual property rights, and achieved a good market and brand. Our Product The company's main products are: Paste, tin powder, tin wire, tin, BGA solder ball, anode rod, flux, the red plastic and other electronic tin solder, the annual production capacity of more than 6000 tons. Product Application Our products widely used in aerospace, metallurgy, construction, automotive, refrigeration, electrical and electronic instrumentation, military and other industries.
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No. 2, North Industry No. 1 Road, Songshan Lake High-Tech Industry development Zone, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.
Dongguan, 523808


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